Schilt and Mo Post Fight Interviews
written by Monty DiPietro

The fighters talk about their fight, the fans and their plans for 2009.

Semmy Schilt (Winner)

Your thoughts on the fight?
Semmy Schilt: I had a good fight. I expected more stand-up.

Semmy Schilt

Semmy Schilt

The crowd really cheered you on before and after the fight. How did that feel?
The media likes to say that I have no fans and that I don't fight for the fans, but it's not true. I always fight for my fans and as you can see, they were there for me tonight.

Did you expect to win the way you did?
I wanted to win with a KO, but I used what I know. I trained to be on the defensive, but it happened that I had my opponent on the defensive the whole time.

Do you think you'll fight more MMA next year?
It's possible, but for me to fight in MMA to my satisfaction, I need even more training.

Goals for next year?
To qualify for the top eight and be in next year's K-1 final.

Mighty Mo

Your thoughts on the fight?
Mighty Mo: I could have done a lot better.

Mighty Mo vs. Semmy Schilt, Dynamite 2008

Mighty Mo vs. Semmy Schilt, Dynamite 2008

Did you expect that kind of finish?
I should have known better and should have trained harder for a guy that big and strong. This is my first 10-minute round fight and condition-wise, when you run out of gas, it's hard to concentrate. I wish I would have had more time to train.