Bonjasky: I can help Jerome with his retirement
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Dutch kickboxer Remy Bonjasky is aiming for his third championship at the "FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2008 FINAL." A major showdown awaits this "Flying Gentleman" in his quarterfinal bout with Jerome Le Banner.

You had a tough fight against Paul Slowinski at the FINAL 16.
Bojasky: I was not satisfied with that fight. With my power and technique, I should have knocked him out in the first round.

What do you think was the reason you could not knock him out?
Bojasky: To tell you the truth, I was sick from two weeks before the fight. I felt nauseous even right before the fight. However, looking back, I saw that I won the fight clearly even though the result was close, by decision.

It seems that you are returning to your old form. Fans would like to see your exciting knockouts again.
Bojasky: That is what I really wanted to give people. I wanted to show a beautiful knockout. I trained hard for several months before the fight and I felt good and ready for the fight. However, I got sick, and it was really unfortunate that I could not maintain my good condition.

Bonjasky in his old form

Bonjasky in his old form

Your body weight is now 114kg, up from around 105kg..
Bojasky: I gained weight intentionally. I am heavier but my speed and jumping skills have not changed at all.

At the K-1 World GP drawing, you selected the fourth bout. Can you tell us the reason?
Bojasky: Actually, it was a miscommunication with my trainer. He said to choose Ruslan Karaev, Gokhan Saki or Ewerton Teixeira. Yet, I could not hear him well because of the noise. I thought he said do not go to Ruslan Karaev, so I went to the open space.

Why did you choose the fourth match instead of the first match?
Bojasky: When you choose the first match, you can have more time to recover after the fight. On the other hand, by fighting in the fourth match, you stay warmed up and ready to proceed to the next round.

If you had the choice out of the seven other fighters, is there anybody in particular you would have chosen?
Bojasky: Well, it is a tournament. It is not to show how strong but how smart you are. I think any smart guy would choose the weakest fighter as his first opponent.

Indeed, your first opponent is Jerome Le Banner.
Bojasky: I would welcome anybody. I fought against Jerome before, and that time, I thought I won. However, the decision was made in his favor. I will definitely win this time.

Are you going to win against Jerome by a knockout?
Bojasky: I think Jerome will only try to win against me. When we were standing next to each other at the drawing, he told me that he will concentrate on winning against me. I don't think he knows if he can proceed to the next round. He said "I might stop fighting next year." Therefore, I think he will come only focused on winning against me.

Do you think you can finish him off in the end and he might have to retire?
Bojasky: Well, I can help him going to retire (laughs). But, Jerome has been in K-1 since I know K-1. He has been always one of the top-eight fighters. He is a strong fighter and he is good. I have to work hard for the upcoming two months to get in good shape and get ready.

Remy Bonjasky

Remy Bonjasky

Don't you think that it will be hard for you to advance to the next round if Jerome gives his all against you?
Bojasky: I think it is going to be a tough fight. If I can knock him out in the first round, it would be easier for my next fight. Yet, he is going to bring everything against me. I will do my best, too. I hope to knock him out very quickly, otherwise, it will be a really tough day.

How confident are you of a win against Jerome?
Bojasky: I believe that there is a chance for me to win the fight. I hope God will smile on my side.

You have a girlfriend which is another God for you.
Bojasky: Yes! She is the other God that smiles on me no matter what happens to me.

Well, that is good for you. Do you think you can be the champion this year?
Bojasky: I've got a very good chance to win.

How confident are you?
Bojasky: I feel confidence of around 99%.

Almost 100%!
Bojasky: Well, almost. I wish for another 1% of pure luck from God.

Semmy Schilt, who has been a champion for quite a while, lost this time. Do you think that will give you better luck?
Bojasky: He has been a champion, but he has been unable to successfully appeal to fans. He doesn't look like a champion or talk like a champion. People say that his style of fighting is not attractive. The tournament will be fresh and open this time. Who will be the most suitable as a champion? Well, it might be me because I'm good looking(laughs).