Aerts: I don't care what Badr Hari says!
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Peter Aerts, known as "Mr. K-1" beat defending K-1 World GP Champion Semmy Schilt in Seoul to secure a spot at the K-1 World GP 2008 Final. The Dutch veteran talked about fighting for his fourth championship.

You beat Semmy Schilt at -Final 16. How do you feel looking back the fight?
Aerts: I knew it would be a tough fight. It was my tactic to change the fight by using all my techniques. The point was how to avoid his knees, so I moved around from the beginning.

What was the strategy that brought you victory?
Aerts: I was trying to keep pressure on him all the time. It was difficult, yet, I was well prepared for the fight.

Were you ever frightened fighting against such a big fighter?
Aerts: He is a good fighter so he is a difficult opponent, because of the size. He is very tall. Therefore, some fighters are afraid of fighting against him. But I wanted to challenge him.

Semmy Schilt vs. Peter Aerts (2006)

Semmy Schilt vs. Peter Aerts (2006)

Do you think you were took the initiative during the bout?
Aerts: He tried to give me powerful front kicks a few times, but I managed to avoid them. I thought the best way for victory was to stop his special skills. Of course, any fighter could do that, but...

Aerts: You have to take a big risk to do that, the only way for the victory is to take a risk and fight hard. The result depended on my willingness to take the risk.

You are going to fight Badr Hari. How do you feel about that?
Aerts: I'm always unlucky in the drawing, and so I was ready to fight with anybody. But actually I was hoping to chose either Remy [Bonjasky] or Badr this time.

So fighting against Badr is what you'd have wished for?
Aerts: Of course, especially now that his name is getting bigger (laughs).

Fighting against Badr means tolerating his incitements and occasional trash talk.
Aerts: He can say whatever he wants to say. I don't care how he talks about me.

Doesn't his big mouth irritate you?
Aerts: Talking won't help his performance. Let's see what he is going to do in the ring.

You're not worried about the new generation rising up in K-1?
Aerts: My carrier has just started (laughs). I will fight twenty more K-1 fights!

Wow! How old you will be then since you are now 38 years old?
Aerts: (laughs) This is my 16th year of fighting for K-1. I want to keep fighting four more years to achieve a fighting career of 20 years. If I can keep my physical condition good, and my doctor approves, I'll keep fighting until then. I am not going to let any new generation take over my position!