DREAM.10-Interview with Andre Dida
written by Stuart Tonkin

Andre Dida talks about his upcoming fight against Katsunori Kikuno, his training and his goals for the future.

What is your condition like right now?
My condition is great. These last 2 months I have been training hard. I really want to show a spectacular fight.

How did you feel about your fight in under K-1 rules?
My original dream was to be a Mauy Thai fighter, so I was very happy to fight a K-1 fighter. Even as a MMA fighter I want to display my stand up and always keep the vision of beautiful stand up.

What do you think of Kikuno Katsunori?
His fighting style is very aggressive and interesting. I think we make a great match up and I am sure it will be a great show.

Where do you feel you have the advantage?
I think I have the advantage over him in the striking.

What will you need to pay attention to when fighting Kikuno?
His MMA is incredible. His striking is very interesting and I have to be extremely careful as he is so dangerous on his feet.

What would you like to achieve in DREAM?
My goal is to eventually get the belt. My weak point is my ground work, so I am training as much as I can in my gym. I want the belt.

Kikuno has a karate background for his stand up. What do you think about that?
I think his karate is very aggressive. In the ring the fight is decided by a single punch, so we both need to take care.

Have you been focusing more on your strikes for this fight?
I haven’t really been training strikes specifically. A middle kick is something just like a jab for Muay Thai anyway.