DREAM.10-Interview with Jason High
written by Stuart Tonkin

Before his fight at DREAM.10 Jason High talks about his opponent, training and the Championship.

The welter-weight final is coming in just 2 days. How do you feel?
I feel great. I am just waiting to make weight.

Your semi final opponent is Andre Galvao. What is your impression of him?
Andre is a very good fighter. I am excited to fight him as I think it is a good match-up. We have contrasting styles. I think it will be the fight of the night.

If you have any skills that are better than Mr Galvao’s, what are they?
My wrestling and striking are much better than his.

If you win the semi final, you’ll fight two fights in the same night. Is this the first time you will experience this?
Yeah, this will be my first experience fighting 2 fights in one night, but I am looking forward to it. It is another challenge.

For you to become the champion, what is the key?
The most important thing for me is to win both fights.

The other semi final is “Mach” vs. Zaromskis. Who do you think will come out winner?
I don’t know. The only fight I am focused on is Andre. I will worry about the other fight after I win.

Have you been doing any special training for this fight? Like wrestling with a bear?
Well we wrestle with the bear a few times a week. We heard he (Andre) has really good jiu-jitsu so we have been going to the woods and wrestling the bear.

The first round fight finished quite quickly. What is your expectation for this fight?
I didn’t expect to finish the last one so quickly, but I will do my best to finish Andre quickly.