DREAM.10-Interview with Melvin Manhoef
written by Stuart Tonkin

Manhoef talks about his upcoming fights in DREAM and K-1, his stay in Japan and on how he plans to finish Paulo Filho.

How do you feel?
I feel pretty good. We trained quite hard, and I look forward to the fight.

Please tell us what your impression of your opponent is?
He is a good fighter; a good wrestler. He is strong on the ground and his stand up is good. Every fighter that enters the ring is a good fighter, so I have respect for him.

After this fight you’ll be fighting in K-1 like a double-header. How do you feel about it?
I am used to it. As you know, last time in Amsterdam I fought Remy Bonjasky, then 2 weeks later I beat Kim. I did it before too with Dong Sik Yoon and Ruslan. I like fighting, it is my job. I fought over 18 times in 20 months.

What kind of show would you like to put on this fight??
I always like to knock someone out, or fight aggressive and fight hard. Either I knock someone out, or a submission. I just like to fight, fight, fight. This is my style.

Are you going to stay in Japan until the K-1 tournament?
I have been here since K-1 MAX so I have already been here 8 days. I think I will go home and train hard. My team and I have to prepare well. I have been here since July 9 already. I will go home once. I have family and kids. So does my trainer.