Interview with Badr Hari
書かれた Marcus Tomschi

In his post tournament interview Badr Hari talks about his fight and animosity with Remy and his birthday.

What do you feel about the decision?
A: I think it's a funny question. You know it's the judge's decision so I respect that. They have to decide who wins and loses. I'm professional so I respect their decision and it's okay. Sports got a lot of the faces and this is one of them. It's no problem. It only made me stronger.

Remy's defense was very tight in front of his face. Was it difficult to open up his body?
A: No, it was no problem. I think I could throw enough punches to him and he was a good opponent. One thing I felt was that although he's a good fighter, he's not the best to be the champion.

Today is your birthday. Has it been a good or bad birthday to you?
A: Good one. I think K-1 gave me a nice present to fight today.

You said that Remy is a good opponent but not one of the best. Could you tell us the reason?
A: Because I actually fought with him. He's good but not the best. He may proceed to the final but I cannot tell. He may think himself as one of the best but as far as I felt, he is not the best fighter.

Remy Bonjasky vs. Badr Hari

Remy Bonjasky vs. Badr Hari

It seems Remy was repeatedly kicking your left side. Any damage from that and what do you think about it?
A: Actually I wanted him to kick me more and I told him so. But he didn't really do that so I'm kind of frustrated.

You hugged each other at the end of the fight. Does that mean you two got any closer to each other...?
A: No, no. It's only sportsmanship.

Then, basically it didn't change your attitude to Remy?
A: No, not at all.