Kakuda vs. Predator cancelled
written by Jens Habermann

The fight Nobuaki Kakuda vs. The Predator that was set for New Year's Eve at the Dynamite!!-Event has been cancelled due to injury.

Nobuaki Kakuda

Nobuaki Kakuda

Nobuaki Kakuda suffered an orbital bone fracture while training. A sparring partner hit him with his knee while they were sparring. Why the knee has been used is unclear.

The Predator vs. da Silva beim Dynamite!! 2003

The Predator vs. da Silva at Dynamite!! 2003

The Predator now will now most likely get a stronger opponent as the 44 year old Karateka from Japan can rarely be seen as a fighter in K-1 however he is the judge number 1 that every fan should know.