The K-1 Decision of the year!
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Who is the true Champion?

In front of an audience of more than 4000 people in late October in Koblenz Vukota Mirkovic backed up the first German K-1 title (German K-1 Final) for himself. But is he the true Champion?

The decision about that will be made on December 10th in the Lübecker Hanse Halle - at the K-1 Final Battle.

Windy Muay Thai Super-Cup Poster

In a 4-man tournament (the winner will be determined in a KO system) the new K-1 Champion Mirkovic (Sportmetropole Hannover) has to prove himself against James Philipps (Mannheim) and Asmir Burgic (Bujin Gym Rommerskirchen).

Asmir Burgic was one of the favourites for the titel in Koblenz and for the German K-1 crown. Unfortnately he was injured shortly before at the Brazilian K-1 Final. The result: he had to give up! In Lübeck he will fight to get back his number 1 position among the German K-1 fighters.

James Phillips (nickname: German Wunderkind) is considered to be the one and only true German K-1 Hope among experts. His attendance in the Japanese K-1 Grand Prix is only a matter of time. The European Kickboxing Champion and multiple German and Swiss Muay Thai Champion started in Koblenz in a K-1 Superfight where he outclassed the Dutch Mix-Fight World Champion Faverus.

The card will be completed by Marcel Donk from the Netherlands, who won the first "European K-1 Warriors" tournament in March.

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But first of all the best German Muay Thai fighters, the Champions from Great Britain and Denmark plus the two time World Champion Pralomran will fight each other at the Windy Muay Thai Super-Cup. 16 fighters determine their Champion in four weight classes. The winners will compete for Europe against a selection from Asia.

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